Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aroused by Readers?

Halfway through the last week before my vacation - whoo-hoo!!!! I need a break like woah. Plus being on a cruise ship might give me some more story ideas ;) hahahaha. Not that I really need more when it comes right down to it, but I do write them all down and hold onto them for later until I have the time and am in the mood to write them. Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll, the next thing I work on will be completing Witch, but first I have a stand-alone reader request that I'm working on right now before I start on that... a fan enjoyed Contest a lot but always wanted to know what would have happened if Danielle had to do her night with Doug, and suggested writing an alternate chapter.  Readers who enjoy the rougher stuff that I write will probably enjoy this one as well.
I submitted Chapter 6 of Being the Maid yesterday so hopefully that will be out in the next couple of days. I have no idea whether or not I'll finish Chapter 7 in time to submit it before I leave on vacation, but I will try. Chapter 6 is going to make people either very happy or very upset, going by some of the comments left on Chapter 5.  It is, by far, the longest of the chapters so far.  Almost as long as some of my longest stand alones. Those of you who did not want her to have a night with Patrick.... too bad ;) But I think most people will like the circumstances under which it happens. It also allowed me to do a rather creative scene that wouldn't have worked with any of the other characters and that I enjoyed because I haven't done anything like it before.  Garrett also finally decided to speak out in Chapter 6 and there are a few segments from his point of view.  There's a lot going on emotionally / character development / plot wise in Chapter 6 and some tension has entered the camp that wasn't there before.  Honestly, while I understand that some commenters didn't want Bridget to have a night with Patrick, I'd planned all along for the events of Chapter 6 and I think that people who didn't want it to happen will enjoy it more than they think. I hope so anyway =)
Lately, each series that I write has become my new "favorite," and this one is no exception. I'm truly enjoying where the story is going and also enjoying the challenges of having a non-con story that is turning into a bit of a romance.  And, also, the fact that having so many different men with different personalities / styles is allowing me to get really creative with the scenes =D
I had a reader ask me if I get turned on by knowing that my stories turn people on. Ummmm yes. Somewhat. It appeals to my exhibitionist side, which is too shy to actually do anything in front of people. It also appeals to the part of me that is a bit of an attention whore and it gives me a large sense of satisfaction to know that I've written something that people find enjoyable, period. I occasionally get feedback from people that I find more creepy than a turn on, but I also get feedback from people that I find arousing. It's a fine line. Anonymous feedback of that quality is usually the best because when people want me to write back to them about that kind of thing it just makes me uncomfortable. Just being able to read their thoughts and not having the opportunity to write back is better. I once had someone write me saying that they fantasized about being under my desk and orally pleasuring me while I wrote. Which, was kind of hot, I have to admit. Fortunately they didn't leave an email address for me to write back to or I would have felt more uncomfortable than hot. Lately I've been getting some feedback from a reader who likes to describe their reaction to reading my stories and he never tries to get me to contact him back, and I find that kind of hot too. I'm too much of a voyeur to not enjoy that.
Sometimes it becomes a turn off though, usually when people are trying to get me to engage with them in something beyond story requests or chatting. On some level I can understand that people might think because I write stories online that I would be amenable to engaging in other online activities, but the truth is I am incredibly devoted to my husband and have no interest in engaging with anyone else, in real life or online. I answer emails with questions or story requests, or just to acknowledge and thank someone for taking the time to write to me and send me compliments, and I enjoy reading about people's reactions to my stories. But that's about where it stands. I once had a couple of emails go back and forth between me and a guy that was requesting a story and eventually ended up trying to start up a... what would you call it... sexting over email? And when I told him that I had no interest because I have a husband he said that it didn't bother him. Um.... obviously it bothers me!
*face palm*
At any rate. I love getting feedback. Occasionally the feedback is hot. I love knowing that people enjoy my work. And I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of Chapter 6 of Being the Maid - especially since, having read all the anti-Patrick comments, I now feel like I've done something controversial. OOooooOOOO. hahahaha.

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