Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Whopping Lemons

Our Cruise got canceled!!!!  DAMN YOU SANDY!!!!

They actually let us get on the boat too, we were on it, had lunch, did a scavenger hunt and had started unpacking before they made the announcement that the Coast Guard said we couldn't go. SO UPSETTING. I wish they just hadn't let us get on board.

One of my friends compared it to losing their virginity and thinking that it was going to go to a hunky and skilled sex god, only to have him replaced with a lecherous and dirty old man.  LOL.

The great thing about my group of friends, however, is that when life hands us lemons, especially big whopping lemons, we break out the tequila and salt. So we drove out of the hurricane area down to Florida and I will STILL be in Harry Potter world on Halloween and on top of that now I'm going to get to go to Disney World too! So this week could be a lot worse.

I'm still sad about the cruise, but at least the week isn't totally ruined.


  1. Congratz on winning the Literotica Halloween contest. :)

  2. I came across your profile in literotica:) i loved submission, being a made and a whole bunch of your work... though i got caught up with your Chris Hemsworth sex god writing. i loveeed it! and I wish you'd write more about your fantasies or a really long novel about you being the heroin because i reaally liked your heroin in the Chris Hemsworth story:) more please:)