Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Too Much Rain Too Little Sleep

That's how I'm feeling about today. I hate grey rainy days. Most of the time. Some of the time they fit my mood. Today it's just making me tired. Kind of craving chili. Don't have the ingredients for it at home. *sigh* Not sure I want to go through the rain to the grocery store too. There are days when I really wish hubby and I had a second car.

Anyway. I suppose gloom and doom might be considered acceptable for October? It is Halloween-y season after all.  I'm already planning my costume.  Although I have to admit, I kind of want to dress up as Lily for Halloween... I love the little pink go-go girl costume I came up with for her.  That was probably the most fun I've ever had writing a Halloween story.

I've checked out a couple of the other entries into the contest - gotta suss out the competition - and I've come across a few really good ones and a few that I think were kind of rushed. Good quickies, but I've noticed that readers who are voting on the competition tend to want more meat to the stories. 

I'm not voting cuz I'm kind of... you know, biased. But it is fun to read some of the other stories.  The one about Malice in Wonderland was pretty good, although some of the emotional stuff seemed kind of rushed and there were a few weird moments in it (guy finally gets to sleep with the girl that got away and he wants her to keep her wig on so that it reminds him of his dead wife? what???? how is that romantic? or erotic?) but overall a really good story and pretty hot. I also liked the M&Ms one. I totally felt the heroine's pain when there was one M&M missing from her grouping.  I thought it was a really cute story dealing with a character that had OCD and I loved the way it was handled. The erotic part got a little weird for me when the parents became involved via phone... but it was still an interesting story and I know there a lot of people who DO like that kink that would enjoy it =)

Those two have been my personal favorites so far (other than mine of course ;)

This is the first time I feel like I might actually have a chance of placing in a contest... I used to enter the contests more frequently but I would do the quickie stories. And I usually didn't plan it out beforehand the way I did this time.  So it'd be nice to place, since I put a lot more effort into it, although just the fact that it's got a little red H next to it right now makes me happy =) Normally contest entry stories have lower scores because of trolls who come by and vote low just to do so, so anytime my score stays above 4.5 in a contest I'm thrilled.

Anyway. Back to my writing! I'd like to get the next chapter of Being the Maid submitted by the end of this week, but it's turning into a rather long chapter =D Not that I think there will be many complaints about that.  Things are happening a little faster between two of the characters than I originally planned and I'm having to hold them back.  *sigh* Characters are always trying to rush in.

I'm also working on Venus Rising, simultaneously of course.  Liam and Hilary are about to have their first scene together and I think it's going to be different from any erotic scene I've written. Ever. Which... is really exciting.  I think I'm about a fourth of the way through the book right now =)

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  1. Hyped to get the next chapter of Being the Maid. Love the premise of the story and the direction you are taking it.