Saturday, October 6, 2012

Being the Maid Ch. 3

Chapter 3 of Being the Maid is now out on Literotica =)

Already, getting inside the Princess' head is causing some comments. Mostly cuz she turned out to be kind of a really big bitch. LOL.  She kind of fascinates me actually, although of course I like Bridget better. But with the Princess there's definitely an element of schadenfreude, unlike with Bridget.  I was kind of wondering what the response to the Princess would be and am actually pretty amused by the comments so far.

I've started work on Chapter 4, which is Samuel's night, and that went in a slightly different direction than I thought it was going to. He surprised me... I honestly thought that he was going to be more like Patrick in bed, but he's got his own thing going on. They really are all very different characters. Which is fun for me!   The Princess is insisting that she get more showtime as well. 

On the side I have started working on another stand alone story that's going to combine two reader requests... I've been getting a lot of requests for woman on woman domination / non-consent stories lately, which is a new twist for me. I actually don't usually have a lot of call for that. Although I've written some in the past. So I've started trying to write a new one. It's not going to be a series because it's not something I usually have a taste for, I'll enjoy writing one every once in awhile but it's hard for me to stay interested in it because it's not one of my main kinks.

And still working hard on Venus Desiring of course. So much going on! Gonna get to it =)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. ooohhh... Looking forward to reading it. Something to look forward to during a 12 hour shift. Aren't smartphones great? :P

    1. Yikes! 12 hours?! Well I hope the story helped pass the time!