Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beach, Counting the Hours & Picture

Sooooooo... I'm leaving for the beach this evening. The most recent House of Fantasy story came out today in the Interracial section.  Chapter 13 of Submission came out as well, which was SUCH a hard chapter for me to write.  Chapters 14 and 15 have been submitted.

I've also submitted Chapter 16 of the Venus School, which was kind of a surprise chapter for me.  The most fun thing about writing is when the characters do something I'm not expecting... sometimes they've just gotten away from me, sometimes I just don't predict their behavior all the time.  Jessica was supposed to be having a heart to heart with her roomie and then going on with her next day at school, and instead Charity went off on her own tangent and ended up asking if Jessica would be willing to let Charity "study" with her. Apparently I was feeling the need for a little girl on girl action. Whatcha gonna do. So that chapter is now submitted as well.

While I'm away at the beach I'm going to leave you with this...

I started writing this story. Had a great idea about what I wanted to do with it. Demon makes deal with girl that he'll release her brother's soul - which is owed to him because brother has been dabbling in black magic - if she'll spend 12 hours being tortured by him.

Unfortunately by the end of Hour 3 I realized that I was never going to finish. There wasn't enough for me to be invested by.  But that upset me cuz I thought I'd actually written some pretty good stuff. I might still make a short story about some of the future hours that I had ideas for but never actually got around to writing.

Normally this kind of story would have just gone into the trash bin for me. I didn't want to share it on  Literotica because it wasn't never going to finish. There IS a climax at the end of each hour, and they'd work as separate stories... but the underlying story requires 12 hours. Or at least, more than the 3 that I wrote before realizing that the plot is too thin for me to stay invested in writing.  (This is the problem with writing stories that have real plots that I'm totally into. *sigh*).  However, by happen chance I am away at the beach this weekend, have no internet or computer access where I'm going and so won't be able to write for Lit or update this blog.

What I have done instead is schedule my blogs to post automatically, sharing an hour each day of a story that will never been seen anywhere else.

Granted, it might not be to everyone's taste as it's Non-Human / Erotic Horror type stuff... but it doesn't get too gory because I was going to save that for later hours.

So here is the beginning / Hour One 

Oh, also, I posted some pics on the Amateur Pic Feed on the bulletin boards at Lit... seems a little weird to post there and not here, so here's a special one for everyone who comes and reads my blog =) :


  1. Enjoy your holiday I have to finish the day of work first but then I look forward to sitting down and reading all your latest submissions. I hope that your weekend inspires many chapters ahead

    1. Thank you! It was wonderful to have a bit of a vacation... now I've gotta use this evening to get back into a writing head space now though so that I can spend tomorrow getting back on top of things! Eek! =)

      Hope you're having a good weekend as well!

  2. Venus School I love to read more of it and I hope Jessica comes back because I believe she has alot of stuff to exprience and learn there. You could always have Jessica be a mentor to a freshman male at Venus School. Hope you reply back I love to learn more about this story

    1. Hi! I'm so glad you're enjoying Venus School! I actually have a very brief outline of a series I'm going to write and make available on Kindle after I'm done with Venus School, I'll write a blog about that today =)