Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Completed Submission & Personal Info

Yesterday was a busy day! I submitted the very last chapter of Submission (can't believe it finished!), which is more just kind of a wrap-up chapter than anything else. Did it get a little cliche? Maybe. Where there a few "well that's convenient" moments? Possibly. But that's how romances tend to work and it made me happy. Sometimes real life works that way too, and everything made sense in the context of the story so I'm pretty happy with it. Won't lie, I'm a bit of a sucker for happy endings.

I also submitted another chapter for Venus School, so that we finally get to see Jessica in her first menage class with Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood... maybe I'm fooling myself but I feel like there's a fair amount of anticipation for these classes and how they go, so hopefully people aren't disappointed. It didn't go exactly how I thought the class was going to go, but I think that's good.  The more I'm surprised as I write it, the better of a story it seems to be for people to read (if I go by the comments and feedback that I get). 

So... I had a request to write a little bit more about myself on this blog. Insight into the writer I guess... so here we go. If you have anything that you'd like me to write about in particular in the blog, or story ideas, please always feel free to contact me.

I am 28 years old and was married last year to the second boyfriend I've ever had.

I started writing for Literotica at first because I wanted to read a specific kind of story, and then because people kept asking me to and I loved feeling like I was good at something.  I'm a theater kid, so any kind of applause / positive feedback is like crack for me.

I love Shakespeare, histories (especially Tudor era!), Fantasy & Sci-Fi.  I was an English major and I have more books that I have clothes.  I rarely watch TV but I love movies.  I also love reality TV when it has to do with competitions (not so into the 'daily lives' thing).  My favorite movie is Love Actually and my favorite book is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

I love being outside and my next big planned purchase is a laptop so that I can do some of my writing outside.

I do write other than for Literotica.... I currently have a novel that I'm submitting to agents, hoping that someone will pick it up. If not then I will start the debate of whether or not to self publish it and whether to do it under my real name or a pen name.

I write because I have to or else there would constantly be story lines and characters running riot through my brain with no outlet.

And... for more about me you can read Chris Hemsworth: Sex God when it's finished and out on Literotica because everything I say about myself is true, I kept to dialogue that I would actually say, actions I would actually do, and thoughts I would actually have.

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