Friday, June 8, 2012

Longer vs. Shorter

I realized yesterday that I write the same way I used to date.

I was working on re-writing and expanding Poker Loser to have more of a plot line, more character development, more interactions and I noticed how very little it has of that - especially in the beginning - compared to my current stories Submission  and Venus School.  One of my friends told me that it's one of his favorite series that I have on Lit. but it always really bugged him that it starts off with a poker game and there's not really any lead-in.

My response was that when I'm on Lit, I'm not looking for a story, I'm looking for quick down and dirty sex.  However, when I read romance novels I want some tension, some build-up, some bumps along the way before the characters come together for an awesome climax (pun intended).

Which is exactly how I am when it comes to men. I don't date, I'm either in a relationship or I'm having a one night stand with someone that I trust but will then immediately stop being interested in / flirting with afterwards. I've only ever had 2 relationships, and I married the second one. The first one lasted for 7 years. In between the two, if I was very attracted to a guy - especially someone I had been attracted to during my first relationship - I'd sleep with him. And then never call again. Well, not never, but make it clear that it wasn't going to happen again. Not because the sex wasn't good. Just because the interest was now satisfied and I didn't want a relationship so it was better to just get my fix and go.

Sounds harsh but I was always very clear and honest about my intentions. And I'd learned not to let things go farther than one night. I did try to date, once, right after my first relationship.  Was totally open about the fact that I was rebounding and that I didn't want a relationship.  Thought that would be enough. It wasn't. I learned that guys can get just as emotionally involved with or without my own emotional involvement.  For me, caring about someone isn't enough. I need that quintessential spark. I had it in my first relationship and I wasn't going to settle for anything less.

Thankfully I met my wonderful husband. And we took our time getting to know each other before anything seriously intimate happened. In fact, in both of my relationships it was months of being together before we had sex. This being in sharp contrast to the one-nighters.

Now, for Literotica I'm finding that I still want to write the quickies that have a satisfying climax at the end of every chapter or story, but as I'm starting to think about book plot lines and possibly longer stories, I want to draw it out a little. Make the characters work for it a little harder.  I use Lit for the quick and easy one night stands and tend to stick with my romance novels (and lately BDSM eBooks) for when I want something more long-term.

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