Monday, June 4, 2012

Current Projects & Feedback

I got my first feedback from someone who's reading this blog as well as my stories yay! Thank you CJ for letting me know =) I'm enjoying writing this blog, it helps me organize my thoughts and also just get out some of the rambling that I have going on in my head, but I'm hoping it'll also be good insight for people who enjoy the stories and maybe insight into me. I know I'm often curious about other authors and who they are and how that effects their writing. So yeah. I appreciate the feedback!

Current projects! Obviously Submission and Venus School are ongoing.  The chapter detailing Jessica's Saturday night (the description of which is 'Jessica is overwhelmed by Flood and Fire') has been submitted. I'm now working on the next chapter (Sunday) and debating on going right into the school week or submitting it in the non-erotic category.  I'll probably do the former. 

The second week of classes isn't going to be as detailed as the first week, I'm probably going to focus on one class per day, two at the very most.  I have her schedule already figured out (and she will definitely be taking the Menage course for those who enjoy the group scenes).  The series will end with a finale after she returns home; I don't want to leave people hanging wondering what happens when she returns to the real world and finally gets to know Chris and Justin as their true selves in her life! At the moment I am fairly sure I'll be writing 3 separate endings.  I'm touched by how involved readers are with the characters and the amount of feedback I'm getting rooting for one over the other, or for both. Those kind of comments tell me how invested people are and it makes me feel really good about the story as a whole.

I have written an outline for Submission. I'm currently in the middle of writing the next chapter, and there will be 18 chapters total. For those who don't think that's enough of Alanna and David, I'm actually writing an alternate storyline for them which will be submitted to a publisher that expressed interest in it.  The storyline for Literotica is basically their life together without any outside influence.  The story line that is being written for the publisher is going to be a BDSM romance and involves outside forces which are trying to separate them, and how their relationship develops because of that (and as they fight to remain together). I'm having a lot of fun writing two separate story lines for them, in part because I enjoy the characters so much and it's interesting to see what they do when put into different situations.

Outside of the series... yesterday I submitted a Mind Control story titled Truth Will Set You Free, which is not a category I'm used to writing in.  I find it refreshing to step outside my comfort zone for the shorter stories.  The other stand-alone short story that I'm working on is called Counting the Hours and will be submitted either under Novellas or Erotic Horror. More on those in a later blog.

For my self-publishing stuff that I have going on, I'm in the middle of formatting another compilation which will have 3 original stories unavailable anywhere else and will be (like the others) available on Kindle. Looking forward to that since it's my first one with completely new works, which I will not be putting up on Literotica at all.  Although it will also have some of the popular stories that are on Literotica as well, but edited and re-vamped.

I just constantly have things going on in my head. And I can't write without thinking of even more new stories that I want to write.

For the future... I want to complete more of the series that I haven't finished yet and have left people hanging on for years.  From Terra will probably be my next completion, now that I've finished Behind the Story and Living With Uncle John.

When it comes to completely new stuff, after Submission and Venus School are done I'd like to go historical and do some stuff with ancient Rome and the emperors with the worst reputations.  A reader suggested / requested a Mars School (ie. similar to Venus but with a male main character) and I'd like to do that but I'm feeling a little under-qualified for writing it. We'll see. I've also been contemplating doing a couple of spin-offs of popular stories - I have ideas in mind for a re-telling of Dracula, the Hunger Games (into the Sex Games), and some of Shakespeare's characters. So that's where I'm at today. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head and it's making it hard for me to concentrate.

I'm going to cut the rambling now, otherwise this post is going to get out of hand.

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