Friday, June 29, 2012

Masters of the Shadowlands

Ugh. Still sick. GO AWAY EVIL SICKNESS. Bah. I haven't been able to talk with a normal voice since Monday evening. Lovely. Anyway... on to the good stuff...

I've submitted Chris Hemsworth: Sex God (woot!) which made me very happy. Definitely the longest standalone story I've ever written. I hope people enjoy the long build-up and don't get frustrated with me... and hopefully also enjoy the glimpse into myself. I'm halfway through the next chapter of Venus School and I've also started work on my next series, which is going to be called Sarah's Private Dick and will be in the Interracial category.  It's going to be a much more involved story (plot and character development wise) than I usually do and I'm really looking forward to basically writing a book that I'll be posting on Literotica. So far it's looking like the first chapter isn't going to have any sex in it at all, because I'm building up the plot line. I have to thank a reader for the story idea, which was so wonderfully involved in their description of what they wanted to read that it's making it really easy to put together an erotic romance. Hopefully they aren't disappointed that it's not straight up erotica =P

I don't know why I can't just concentrate on one series at a time, but I can't. It's easier for me to write if I can switch back and forth between two.  Usually the two series feed off of each other - Submission and Venus School definitely did. And it tends to add an extra dynamic to both that I'm working on. So if anyone's wondering why I'm starting a new series when I still have one to finish... that's why. =) I just can't do one at a time! (Kinda like Jessica... hmmmm ;)

At any rate, wanted to talk a bit about an author that I've started reading a LOT of, that really has some fantastic BDSM books with incredibly yummy Doms. Cherise Sinclair's Masters of the Shadowlands series is fantastic (as is her involvement in the Doms of Darkhaven books).  I was a little skeptical after reading the first Masters of the Shadowlands series, because the Dom in it is an empath and I don't really like mixing my sex with my fantasy, but that is the ONLY book where there's anything psychic/fantastical/supernatural and it's not made a huge deal of. The rest of them are all incredibly delicious Doms, with a variety of issues, mixing with fun (and occasionally hilarious) subs, all with their own variety of issues.  She weaves some seriously fantastic story lines and I have a lot to learn from her.

So that's what I've been reading while I've been sick, and has been keeping me motivated for writing (along with all the wonderful people who have left comments/feedback for me to read on Lit and here =) I'm hoping to get the next Venus Chapter submitted by the end of today, along with the first chapter of Sarah's Private Dick.

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