Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being Curious

So, along with my own writing, I do a lot of reading. Especially BDSM-y stuff.  I've kind of transitioned from reading (and therefore writing) about things that just sound painful, to being very curious about the actual lifestyle. While I used to have several good friends who were involved in the lifestyle, I have unfortunately drifted from them over the years.  I miss having that connection.  And people to pester when I'm filled to the brim with questions (which is constantly).

Today I read a book called Submissive Training and in some ways it reminded me of the Venus School except that it was all BDSM related and took place at a conference. I really hope the author knew what she was talking about, and it certainly seemed (to me) like she did. I wish I could write about stuff like that, but it's not what I know.  Which is why so many of my BDSM stories are people being introduced to the lifestyle... I don't know enough to write about people actually living it.  

As for my own writing... I submitted Chapter 11 of Submission yesterday.  So now 10 & 11 are in and waiting to come out.  Alanna cracks me up when I'm writing her.  Partly because she's completely naive and partly because she's just so darn feisty.  Chapter 10 deals with her first punishment, which is in the one locked room in David's house.  Which she doesn't get to see, of course. Chapter 11 brings her back to the locked room, but for pleasure. And she still has no idea that she's in a dungeon. I'm looking forward to Chapter 12 because it's going to bring a new aspect of her training into play - one that she's going to resist which means YAY! more punishment! LOL. She just enjoys it so much that it's hard not to give it to her.

The next chapter of Venus School has also been submitted.  However it's under the non-erotic category, which I know I hardly write in... but Jessica's Sunday took a little longer than I thought it would and it was either going to be a BDSM chapter with a ridiculously long intro before it got to any of the BDSM-y stuff or I could just submit it as Non-Erotic.  Which, I was originally planning on doing the former, but then the relationship-y / emotional / getting to know each other stuff ended up becoming its own chapter.  So that's kind of fun. It's more of a teaser chapter than anything, but I (hope) it shows how their relationships and feelings are developing and gives a deeper insight into the characters outside of the fantastic sex they're having.

Also... I just have to reiterate how much I love seeing that readers are so invested in the characters and who they want to get the girl.  I'm seriously considering writing a follow-up book.  Obviously I'll finish out the series on Literotica, cuz I like happy endings (and I don't like the idea of shorting people by suddenly switching over to book form), but I have an idea for a book about them once they get back into the real world and have to actually make the relationship work (whoever wins).

I've also started to write the next chapter for House of Fantasy, this one will be in the Interracial category and it's focused on large male equipment, but it's also the first time that I'm writing a chapter for the House where the main character is wrong about her fantasy.  I'm really enjoying this series, but I'm a little worried because I've only got about two more ideas for chapters for it... so if anyone has ideas for a fantasy they'd like to see the House fulfill, please email me or leave a comment on one of the previous chapters!

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