Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stupid Sickness & Hemsworth Teaser

I hate being sick. It always feels wasteful. I have a lot less motivation to do... well... anything when I'm sick.  Which is not surprising, but I don't like it. 

So far today I have not gotten quite as much done as I would like. I have started the next chapter for Venus School, which I'm enjoying cuz we're getting another little peek at one of my other favorite characters in the series, Nick. I think he's adorable, and his whole thing with the girl back home Fiona... yeah, definitely going to explore that eventually!  Chapter 18 came out on Literotica today, featuring Jessica in her first menage class.  I had a really good time writing that one, so I hope you enjoy it! No she doesn't get sandwiched... not that she doesn't want it to happen. But she's gotta wait for Friday for that. I had fun trying to get creative, so we'll see what the audience reaction is.

While I've been sick I've started working on the re-write to Allison's New Life, which will eventually be book two in the Poker Loser series that I'm writing for Kindle.  It's sooooo much more work than I originally anticipated though... I thought writing Forced Bet was bad, with all the changes that I made to it. Ha. I didn't even think about how that would effect the second book. It's barely a re-write. I'm basically writing an entirely new book at the moment because so many of the character dynamics have changed - Chad and Allison's, Diane and Allison's... the closest one to staying the same is Rogers and even he's changing up a bit.

Some of the biggest changes so far: Diane and Allison moved in together in Forced Bet,  so they're already living together by the time book two starts.  I'm putting in more hints of Roger's wild side (which if you've read Allison's New Life, you'll know that he does have one).  And I'm giving Allison more of a life outside of sex. She's also spending a lot more time pining over Todd and trying to replace him with Roger and no time having hijinks with Chad. As sad as I was to see that sexy time go, it's just not who her character is anymore.  The book is turning into a real romance, and I'm only in Chapter 2. Ack!

And I've also done some more work on my Chris Hemsworth fantasy... which is starting to turn into one of the longer shorts that I've ever written.  Mostly because I put a lot of work into the back story rather than plunging straight in with the sex (I know, not my previous style, but I've been getting more and more into developing a plot lately, even though it takes me longer and is a lot more work ;).  Hopefully I'll be done with this one soon... but until then, here's a little teaser:

"Here, let me," Chris said as she reached for another handful of popcorn. Angel turned her head in surprise, and her lips parted automatically as Chris held two pieces of the salty treat up, teasingly, in front of her mouth.  Stretching out her neck, she quickly nabbed them before he could pull them away, her lips closing around his fingers.  The startled laugh he gave her was like sweet chocolate sliding down into her belly, mixing with the buttery crunch she was chewing on. 

Just because she couldn't make the first REAL move didn't mean she was a complete chicken.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to feed the animals?" she asked, teasing. "Some of them bite."

"Maybe I like it when they bite," he said, and leaned over, catching her mouth in a kiss again before she could respond. He was good at that. Of course, it helped that the second he turned those gorgeous blue eyes on her, her brain melted and her stomach dropped and it wasn't like she could breathe much less form a sentence.  The taste of him on her tongue, flavored with popcorn, was purely masculine.  The popcorn bowl suffered a small upset as they leaned into each other, heedless of the snack between them.  Chris' arm vacated the back of the couch and wrapped around Angel, hauling her onto his lap. 

God that hair... she got her hands into it again and moaned with the sensuous pleasure of it.  Good hair was such an incredible turn on.  If he had any doubts about whether or not she wanted to jump his bones, he certainly didn't any more... and speaking of that particular bone, it was digging into her thigh and sweet thundering Thor, he really was well built everywhere.  Nice to know that he wasn't immune to her either.  She might not be a model, but she liked to think that she was pretty attractive in her own curvy and natural way.

He kissed wonderfully. Passionately.  And she responded wholeheartedly, letting herself indulge in getting her hands all over his gorgeous upper body.  The more she squirmed around on top of him, trying to get in a more comfortable position, the tighter his arms held her - and she had to admit that excited her.  Angel had always been involved in sports and there had been many times when she‘d taken down a confident guy in an arm wrestling match. There‘d be none of that going on, not with Chris‘ impressive bicep size. Having a guy that could restrain her with just his hands was hot, hot, hot.


  1. Having had a crush on Chris since I was like 15 (I'm Aussie and he was on a show called home and away before he moved to the states). And now seeing the man he has become I'm with you angel he's just plain hot. And I love the excerpt I am looking forward to reading more

    1. Yeah I'm going to have to check out that show. I've heard about it but haven't seen it =) He's just... lust inspiring. Jeebus.

      I almost feel guilty writing this story sometimes, even though I made myself single in it LOL. It's probably the LONGEST stand alone Literotica story that I've ever written. Oh well... great sex takes awhile sometimes!

    2. Don't try and watch the whole thing it's our soapie do you'll get lost but there are loads of cute boys on there but you can find it on YouTube sometimes

      Don't feel guilty we all have our fantasies ( my long standing one is similar to your house of fantasy but it's a street, long story) and truth be told we all need an outlet for them so even if it takes thirty pages write it.