Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Submission Challenge

When I'm writing I tend to need inspiration, which comes in the form of reading... so I wanted to hype up an author that I've been reading while writing my own stuff.  Her name is Jennifer Denys and I've read two of her Kindle e-reads, The Submission Challenge and Submissive Training. I actually read them out of order, but it didn't matter to my enjoyment since they're about different characters.

To my delight, Submissive Training was about a seminar that is almost a scholastic atmosphere... not really at all like my series Venus School, but I did learn a lot about BDSM while reading it.  It was fascinating to think that there are training schools that really exist. Kinda makes me want to go...

At any rate.  These two stories both feature fairly feisty women, one who does not consider herself submissive, and the other who knows that dominant men make her melt but she's not sure she's submissive enough for the Dominant that she's interested in.  They both make somewhat bratty subs, although one obviously more than the other, and the contrast between the two books shows two different takes on how BDSM relationships can work.

And of course, there's a little bit of romance, a lot of mutual attraction, and some misunderstandings to keep the stories interesting.

All in all, they're fun little reads, don't cost much, and I really enjoyed them. That's my two cents on those.

In other news... still working on the next chapter of Submission... I hate to say it but I'm taking a short breather from Venus School this week while I try to finish Submission, since I'm only a chapter and a half away. I'm still working on it, but I'm more focused on Submission.

Also I'm incredibly distracted today because I had this SERIOUSLY hot dream about Chris Hemsworth, at least hot in the flirting and propositioning, and then even in my dream I'm like "No, I have a husband." So WTF was the point of the dream? I may end up having to write a story about it. And make myself single. Normally I don't write in the Celebrity section, I haven't since I stopped doing the Survivorphile Contest, but for him I may make an exception.

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